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Cybornetics: The Rise of Future Military Robots



There has been an extensive research carried out on the role of the robots in the military services. The government of United States has devised a number of scientific labs that are devoted to the research based on the possibilities of the advancement related to the field of the human robots or that of robots that are semi automatic or purely automatic. Cybornetics, as its name indicates, is a new science fiction movie that describes what sort of experiments are being carried out by the military scientists and how they will be getting the fruitful results in order to get a well devised robot that will make its own operational decisions and can take steps of its own if necessary without the commands given by the master computer. Cybornetics directly intends to give an example of possible consequences of what is to be done, what has been done, and what will be done in future. The main research is carried out by the military scientists that are in search of developing a machine that can perform simple but necessary operation on its own without any delay. As of today, there has been a wide range of research on the benefits that can be obtained by the functionality advantages of the robots in military operations. Cybornetics  also takes into account the race and war that has started between different scientists  in order to create more and more advanced type of robots for military purposes. Cybornetics shows how the quest of making a super human machine leads the scientists to create a machine that would be out of control and that could lead to the destruction of the human race instead of working for the security of the human race. The current military research has focused on devising the hybrid human with mechanized limbs that are controlled by certain sensors or some partially or totally automatic robot like structure that are employed to perform function where human entry is a big hindrance. The military scientists have designed a much smaller, but of high grade technology robotic that are serving as the information collecting robots or robots like Drone that are used by the military authority in order to make an attack where ever there is a suspicious material found that is programmed to be un wanted in the drones. The forecast has been made that in future the robots would become more operative in military function as being more accurate and reliable and faster in their action. Cybornetics has also introduced the technology of real life like existence of the robots that can become mixed up and can perform functions while remaining within the people of interest for the operation. The recent advancement in this type of technology is the launching of swarm. The swarms of the latest technology are insect like machine that are hardly detectable and can proceed to any place without coming into notice by the surrounding environment. The swarms have been introduced as future substitute of drones.  The idea behind the Cybornetics also how nano technology could be helpful in gathering information and implementing the acquired knowledge into the real life situations in order to detect the unlawful and preventing the illegal activities throughout the world.